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mobile device

communication‭ ‬

Our technology provides instant & secure wireless‭ ‬

mobile connectivity using the always "on" audio interface‭.‬


Works on‭ ‬

any mobile

Highly secure‭ ‬


Instant connection



Easy user‭ ‬


Simple POS integration‭

Retailers are trying to engage their consumers as much as they can. The best way to engage the consumer, is through mobile phone.


Retailers have many platforms - in-store POS, digital screens, e-commerce websites, TV ads, radio ads and vending machines. However, there is no single solution for user engagement which supports all mobile phones and all retail platforms.


The common denominator in all of these retail platforms is - they all have speakers!


DOV-E’s patented technology utilizes these speakers and provides secure, quick, easy to use mobile payment and interactive mobile engagement on any platform.

Yehuda Yehudai

Founder, CEO

Nir Palombo

Co-Founder, CTO

Vadim Tereshchuk
Chief Server Architect

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