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Mobile Payment‭ ‬

solutions for POS‭ ‬

and Online

DOV-E's Mobile Payment solutions provide a holistic and coherent user experience regardless of where the consumer happens to be. Whether it is near a retailer's POS, vending machine or e-commerce website, the consumer performs the same gesture - a simple waving of the mobile device.




POS‭ (‬Point of sale‭) ‬terminal devices today are developing towards utilizing mobile devices as means of payment‭. ‬Several communication technologies are considered‭ (‬e.g‭. ‬NFC‭, ‬Bluetooth‭, ‬and QR‭). ‬Each technology must deal with these concerns:‬


  • Does it work on any mobile‭?‬

  • Does it store sensitive information on the mobile‭? (‬Mobile theft risk‭)‬

  • Does it transact information in a secure manner‭? (‬Hackers‭' ‬risk‭)‬

  • ‬How easy is the user experience‭?‬

  • How long does it take to establish a connection?

  • How easy is integration with an existing POS‭?‬

  • Which POS platforms does it support? (E-commerce, Pay TV, Supermarket)


DOV-E's benefits:


  • ‬Works on ANY mobile.

  • ‬No sensitive information is kept on mobile‭ (‬no need to cancel credit card in case of mobile theft‭)‬.

  • ‬No sensitive information is exposed to merchant‭, ‬nor at the POS.

  • User experience is highly intuitive.

  • Connection establishment is instant.

  • ‬Low cost integration with POS.

  • Supports all POS platforms (because all of them have speakers).




DOV-E enables e-commerce shoppers to authenticate and pay for goods with their mobile, minimizing time spent typing and increasing conversion rates. After embedding DOV-E's mobile SDK in the merchant's app and DOV-E's Web SDK in the merchant's website, every sale is one click away!

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