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DOV-E has created a full-blown communication protocol over sound waves, which takes care of correct and fast delivery of information. DOV-E's 2 flavored technology provides both short range (NFC-like) connectivity, as well as long range (iBeacon/Bluetooth-like) connectivity. The protocol also enables full-duplex (both ways) communication, which means that the mobile phone can send and receive information at the same time.


The DOV-E software is provided as an easy to embed Mobile SDK, for iOS and Android (with more to come). For devices such as vending machines and POS, we provide a POS SDK (Linux, Windows and more to come). The DOV-E software can also run in any web browser, as old as Internet Explorer 8 or newer, using our Web SDK.



For devices without an embedded computer (such as old vending machines) we can provide reference hardware designed to run the POS SDK.


The microphones and speakers needed for supporting DOV-E are the ones you already have, in the store, TV, car radio etc.



DOV-E does not transmit any sensitive information, and does not save any sensitive information on the mobile phone itself. Instead, what we transmit are one-time evaporating tokens, that only work at the time that they are played. DOV-E is a true ZERO footprint, secure solution.

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